The workshop will take place on October 6th, 2023, conference room Neptuno. The proceedings are available on the ACM Digital Library.
9:00 - 9:05

Opening Remarks
Michele Polese, Florian Kaltenberger

9:05 - 10:00

Session 1: mmWave, Beamforming, IRS, and Massive MIMO
Session chair: Ilario Filippini

MetaShield: a Multi-Function AP-Surrounding Metasurface
B. Bilgin, E. Knightly
AraMIMO: Programmable TVWS mMIMO Living Lab for Rural Wireless
T. Islam, T. Zhang, J. Boateng, E. Gosling, G. Zu, S. Babu, H. Zhang, D. Qiao
Wi-BFI: Extracting the IEEE 802.11 Beamforming Feedback Information from Commercial Wi-Fi Devices
K. Haque, F. Meneghello, F. Restuccia

Coffee Break
Room: TBD


Session 2: Spectrum Sharing and Slicing
Session chair: Claudio Fiandrino

Enabling AI/ML-based Incumbent Detection in a CBRS Experimental Network Through OpenSAS
O. Collaco, A. Tripathi, A. da Silva
Twinning Commercial Radio Waveforms in the Colosseum Wireless Network Emulator
D. Villa, D. Uvaydov, L. Bonati, P. Johari, J. Jornet, T. Melodia
AweRAN: Making a Case for Application-aware Radio Access Network Slicing
A. Kak, H. Thieu, V. Pham, R. Sheshadri, N. Choi, M. Yin, Y. Guan, T. Han

Session 3: Testbeds, Trials, and Measurements
Session chair: Pedram Johari

Will the Upper 6 GHz Bands Work for 5G NR? A Urban Field Trial
M. Morini, E. Moro, I. Filippini, A. Capone
Evaluating The Interference Potential in 6 GHz: An Extensive Measurement Campaign of A Dense Indoor Wi-Fi 6E Network
S. Dogan-Tusha, M. Rochman, A. Tusha, H. Nasiri, J. Helzerman, M. Ghosh
Characterizing and Modeling Mobile Networks User Traffic at Millisecond Level
P. PĂ©rez, C. Fiandrino, J. Widmer
Hercules: An Emulation-Based Framework for Transport Layer Measurements over 5G Wireless Networks
A. Pinto, A. Ashdown, T. Hassan, H. Cheng, F. Esposito, L. Bonati, S. D'Oro, T. Melodia, F. Restuccia

Room: TBD


Keynote by Serge Fdida, Sorbonne University
Design and deployment of SLICES, first sustainable scientific instrument in digital infrastructurese


Demo Session
Demos will be hosted in a dedicated space in the workshop room.

Demo 1: Integrated Access and Backhaul in 5G with Aerial Distributed Unit using OpenAirInterface, R. Mundlamuri, O. Esrafilian, R. Gangula, R. Kharade, C. Roux, F. Kaltenberger, R. Knopp, D. Gesbert
Demo 2: Rethinking LiFi for Low-Power and Long Range RF Backscatter, D. Fonseca, M. Mir, B. Guzman, A. Varshney, D. Giustiniano
Demo 3: D11emu - A BCM43 D11 Emulation Framework, J. Link, D. Breuer, F. Gringoli, M. Hollick
Demo 4: Underwater Wireless Video Streaming through GNU Radio with the Hydronet Wideband Software-Defined Modem, K. Enhos, D. Unal, E. Demiros, T. Melodia
Demo 5: Extract the IEEE 802.11 Beamforming Feedback Information with Wi-BFI, K. Haque, F. Meneghello, F. Restuccia
Demo 6: Intelligent Radar Detection in CBRS Band in the Colosseum Wireless Network Emulator, D. Villa, D. Uvaydov, L. Bonati, P. Johari, J. Jornet, T. Melodia

Coffee Break
Room: TBD


Session 4: Wi-Fi and Software-Defined Radios
Session chair: Francesca Meneghello

MArena: SDR-based Testbed for Underwater Wireless Communication and Networking Research
K. Enhos, D. Unal, J. Turco, E. Demirors, T. Melodia
Rolling the D11: An Emulation Game for the Whole BCM43 Family
J. Link, D. Breuer, F. Gringoli, M. Hollick
Matryoshka: Single RF Chain Multi-user Transmission through WiFi-in-WiFi Signal Emulation using COTS Hardware
P. Gawlowicz, A. Zubow, F. Dressler
Programmable Millimeter-Wave MIMO Radios with Real-Time Baseband Processing (link to the video presentation)
Z. Qi, Z. Gao, C. Tung, T. Chen